5 Tips for hiring private health insurance

5 Tips for hiring private health insurance

To hire a private health insurance for the first time it is important to take the time necessary to make the decision. You have to be very clear about what is going to be paid and the services that can be offered to you. To avoid mistakes, at CuidatePlus we review the things that should be known before hiring insurance.

The coverage

It is a common mistake to believe that private medical insurance covers everything and, often, when it comes to paying at the end of the month surprises appear. Before hiring, you have to know what this insurance covers: hospitalizations, diagnostic tests, treatments …

The periods of lack

It is the time that elapses until a health care service can be used. Before deciding, it is good to compare the different periods of deficiency between insurers. It is also important to check if they exist during pregnancy or convalescence.

With or without co-payment

The copayment is the amount paid for the use of a medical service. Some companies already have them included in the monthly amount, however others charge them for each use.

The medical picture

Insurers have a wide range of specialists and, on occasion, they give the option of being the insured person who chooses the doctor.

Services abroad

When traveling, you never know what may happen and, if a medical service is required outside the country of residence, there are insurers that include it, but others that do not.

Dental insurance

Oral health is usually a service that insurers do not include. If you want to contract, the cost will vary depending on the company.

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