Baby safety floats

Baby safety floats

Today, however, I want to talk about safety floats, thinking about the little ones. I came to the head, precisely, these days of so much heat with the arrival of summer, while fortunately for us we could enjoy the pool. I was observing a beautiful baby and had exactly the same float that my daughters had and I remembered how happy I was with the result (in my concrete case the square yellow).

Besides, it is not one of those things that I was recommended, it seems that everything that moves away from more conventional childcare you have to go to inform yourself more about yourself, and the fact is that by chance I got it right. Then I found out that some of my friends used the style and it is one of those things that we were talking about each other seeing that the baby felt safe there and the parents too.

Child Safety

Of course, even with this type of floats more stable than other models never lose sight of the baby for a second, or relax looking the other way, we already know that a second of carelessness could become a tragedy, so it’s never more remember it. Floats as safe as possible, obvious, thinking about their safety, and where we see the child more comfortable but always aware and constantly watching.

In addition to different styles, shapes and colors, look at the age or kilos recommended according to each model. There is a very complete one that adapts from 3-6 months to 4 years, and another for older children.

I bought it in the store, but I do not remember exactly where and it looks strange because I think I remember everything I bought my daughters when they were babies. If you do not find it in any store or you are, like me, buying online, I leave here the direct link to this type of safety floats for babies and children.

By the way, do not lose sight, float with hood, I thought it was great thinking of children from 1 to 3 years, as indicated in the description of that particular model, to protect them from the sun. I hope you found it interesting.

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