Car security system

Car security system

The idea is false that thieves prefer new and luxurious cars, they have more security systems and discourage criminals. In contrast, cars with sensitive security systems are preferred by criminals.

Walking stick

It is the simplest car safety system. The cost is between $ 15 and $ 26 dollars. The cane, block the steering wheel so that nobody can drive the car. Although it is a simple system, a thief will prefer a car that does not have a cane on one that does have it

Like the cane there are others that block any or all of the pedals, the steering wheel lock or the gear lever.

Acoustic alarm

They are another security system for basic car, almost all cars have it. The alarm is activated when a sudden movement is detected in or around the car or when a glass breaks.

Make sure your car has an acoustic alarm of more than 120 decibels and that in the windows there is a sticker that warns about it. This will discourage thieves.

Capot Blocker

A habit of criminals is to disconnect the battery from the car, to deactivate the security systems. That’s why a bonnet blocker can help you avoid it. Its cost is accessible and its installation simple.

Anti-loud films

It is a film that is placed on the glass and windshield of the car. When a thief tries to break them the pieces will remain in place thanks to it and they will not be able to get into the car.

Mechanical immobilizer

They are nothing more than the insurance of the doors of the car, but without a doubt they will scare away an amateur car thief. That’s why it’s important to make sure you close your car and put the insurance.

Electronic immobilizer

In this system the keys or cards, have a chip that through electronic signals, have communication with car parts such as injectors or battery.

This way if someone tries to open the car without the key nearby, these systems will not work and the car will not start. This security system can have several modalities, they can be by means of the key, smart cards even by means of app in the cell phone.

Lock of tires

As its name says, these devices prevent the tires of the car from moving even when the car has started.

Short current

The short current stops the flow of fuel or electrical energy to the ignition system. The short current can be activated after it is detected that the key is not in the car, or by means of a GPS alert.

GPS locator

It is a GPS tracking system, although it is not very cheap. They locate the vehicle in real time by means of sensors installed in several hidden parts of the vehicle. They are usually very effective, recover stolen cars only a couple of hours after being stolen.

Vehicle identification number

Also known as VIN number, it is a 17-digit number series with which various parts of the car are marked. You can even make a non-visible engraving. Its price is very accessible and its use discourages thieves since they have to invest too much to erase the VIN number.

The best thing you can do is prevent the theft of your car with a security system, also try to take care of it with the advice we gave you. And if in spite of this you are a victim of crime, prioritize your life and your integrity, be on the lookout and leave things in the hands of insurance will be the best.


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