How to protect my car from theft

How to protect my car from theft?

Knowing how to protect our car from thefts is an increasingly important need in our country. Crime rates are far from diminishing and protecting a large investment, as is our car, is already a priority. There are simple tips that you can follow to avoid having your car stolen, from taking care of the place where you park to installing a security system in your vehicle.

Close Your Car

It is very obvious, but some people forget to close their car due to the rush or stress of driving Take your time to make sure that the doors and windows are closed and that you activate the insurance, as well as any security system that you have .

Station in safe places

Criminals will always prefer a car that is on a lonely and poorly lit street. Preferably park in busy places and where there are security cameras.

Do not leave valuables

It is common to see cars parked with valuables in sight, no doubt it is a very bad practice if you want to protect your car from theft, as these can encourage thieves to enter your vehicle.

Do not leave documents

It is the same situation as in the previous recommendation. Today, personal data can be used by criminals to commit fraud. Avoid leaving documents in sight or keep them in some hidden place, make sure that nobody outside see where you keep them.

False documents

Thieves look for new ways to remove belongings from others. That is why they falsify documents of the ownership of the car. To avoid this, do not leave visible documents and do not give them to anyone, much less if it is the originals.

Secure your garage

If you have the possibility of having a space inside your house to store your car, make sure you do not have any access where the criminals can get to steal.

Even if your car is inside your house, always close doors and windows.

If you do not have space to leave your car, a good option is to find a parking lot or a pension near your home. You can come to an arrangement with the owner so he does not charge you too much. Think it’s better to invest that money in leaving your car in a safe place.

In case you do not have any of these options and you should park in the street, promote public lighting in your community, as well as 24-hour surveillance. At the parallel of these actions, it invests in some car safety systems.

Do not leave the car key

For no reason do you leave the key of your car stuck in the lock, even if you only leave the car for a couple of minutes. It is also important that you keep the key of your car in a safe place where only you and people of great confidence know.

Do not leave the parking ticket

A very common practice for car thieves is to remove vehicles from the parking lot. The task becomes much easier if you leave your parking ticket, inside the car, always take it with you.

Buy a car with low theft rates

If you are thinking of changing your car, be sure to buy one that is not so stolen. Thieves choose new cars with vulnerable security systems.

Install and update security devices

You need to install some car safety systems. You should also be aware that these systems are constantly updated.

Use auto parts insurance

It is an option that many agencies provide to their clients. When the theft of a piece of the vehicle occurs, the agency replenishes it without cost. This practice discourages theft as the demand for black market parts declines.

Protect your plates

A crime that is also common is the theft of plates. The criminals place them in other cars and commit crimes with the identity of your car. To avoid this, be sure to fix your plates with metal screws and use a plate holder that provides extra protection.

Protect your life

It is true that many of the car thefts are committed with violence. Faced with an armed assault, there is little that can be done without risking your life. First of all, you should know that nothing is more valuable than your life and that is why you should never risk it to protect a material good.

We hope you never suffer from this crime, but if you live it, the best thing you can do is to access the petitions of the delinquent to avoid that it attempts against you. Having a good auto insurance and remote locking systems can help you get your car back.

Now that you know some tips to prevent your vehicle being stolen, it is also important that you know the car safety systems. Having security systems installed in your car can even lower the price of your insurance policy.


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