Road safety everything children should know

Road safety: everything children should know

The return to school and the end of summer vacations mean many daily trips by urban and interurban roads. Despite the fact that accidents in Spain have experienced a downward trend, last year there were more than 1,600 deaths on the roads. As recognized by the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT), the vast majority could have been avoided with knowledge of driver education, the main causes of which are derived from not respecting signaling, improper use of mobile phones, or distractions to steering wheel.

Worldwide, in recent years the World Health Organization (WHO) has promoted various initiatives to protect children, since it calculates that every four minutes a child dies on any road on the planet. For this reason, the United Nations institution states that it is essential that governments commit to teaching their drivers and their students road safety education.

In addition, in order to avoid tragic events during this return to the classrooms and offices, the startup Vetê Help Flash has also developed a series of tips dedicated to promoting good circulation among the smallest of the house, as many accidents can prevent yourself

Awareness about protection

Before starting the trip, experts recommend reviewing the different operational protection mechanisms in the vehicle. That is, they must adapt the restraint systems and the seats to the weight and the child’s body, with the airbag deactivated when it is in the front seat and with the right helmet in case of riding a motorcycle.

During the first fifteen days of September, more than 2,000 drivers have been fined in Spain for violating this rule. The European Program for the Evaluation of New Cars (EURO NCAP) points out that misuse of the belt can cause serious injuries in the event of a collision.

Children imitate their parents

The best way to instill good values in a vehicle is through the facts. That is why it is essential that the elderly maintain good road safety behavior and respect traffic regulations. Stress should also be avoided at the wheel, as it causes aggressive behavior during driving that may lead to bad behavior for the child in his future.

In order to avoid these behaviors it is advisable to use the game so that nobody in the car succumbs to the desperation of the morning traffic jam. From Help Flash advise to play so that the child is the one who must make the decisions as if he were at the wheel and had to comply with the established rules.

Control impulses

Long car trips can become synonymous with crying, fights and riots. To avoid this, it is recommended that children know the consequences of distracting the driver or what might happen if their favorite toy ends up under the brake pedal.

To finish the trip, it is also important to park the vehicle safely so that the surroundings of the educational centers do not become a focus of road safety infractions and that, in addition, can lead to children infringing the same rules when they are Adults.


Activities and personal relationships, the basis of a good retirement

Activities and personal relationships, the basis of a good retirement

Retirement is the action by which an actively working person, both on their own account and on behalf of another, becomes inactive at work, that is, they stop working due to a series of reasons, such as age or the presence of physical problems.

This stage is an important moment of life, although it is a phase that sometimes brings the retirement syndrome, that is, the appearance of many fears, it is possible that it is a golden age in which new skills are already learned. Enjoy each day in a different way. But, as a rule, it is a period of abrupt change that affects many spheres: economic, leisure, personal relationships, etc.

«It requires a time of adaptation, which can range from six months to a year,» explains Carlos Martín, a family doctor from Barcelona and coordinator of the Week of Self-care organized by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc), who says that «it is a time of risks, but also of opportunities».

The expert points out that the way in which someone will face retirement depends on many individual factors but, in general, it can be stated that «men carry it worse than women, since women tend to have more personal relationships and a tendency to talk about anything. It is also worse for people who have not known how to maintain a network of social relationships, which is why it is now very limited, «says Martín.

There is also the issue that retired people have to face and that many do not think about before, and it is the change that their life as a couple will experience. «They must learn to live together again, that is, to spend much more time together, and this for some is a great challenge», acknowledges the coordinator.

What can be done?

There are some tricks to cope better with this stage that, in some cases, can become the best in life. Martín recommends that «the first thing to do is get informed, especially from the economic point of view, and mentalize for when the time comes.» You have to prepare your retirement early and think about what activities you would like to do, «he says.

There are different occupations for when one stops working: to dedicate oneself to participation or volunteer projects, to continue forming, either at the university level or of more concrete courses and workshops, to collaborate in social projects, cultural activities, writing, to promote the hobbies that have or discover new ones, travel, take care of relatives … «There are multiple possibilities, but the important thing is not to do many things, but to have meaning for those who do them. During the working life we have obligations and do things we do not like, so in this new stage we have to choose something that truly satisfies us, «says the family doctor.

It is also very important to have a social network, friends. Those who during their active life already participated in associations of neighbors, cultural entities or other groups, adapt more easily to their new status as retirees because their network of relationships is wider. «But there are other people who discover these ways of participating when they retire and develop new intergenerational relationships with them that provide them with great satisfaction,» explains Martín. In addition, the old relationships of the past can also resurface.

Retirement is also an excellent time to take care of yourself, do sport or activity for which you never had time and a healthy and rich diet that allows you to savor the best products of the earth. «Eat more cereals, vegetables and fruit, as well as replace red meat with white meat. In addition, taking care of personal hygiene, a good external image, will also help to feel good, «says Martín.

This stage also affects family and couple relationships. «Being retired does not vaccinate against separation,» says the expert. That is why it is also important to maintain a good family relationship, both before retirement and afterwards. In addition, family members are the closest people to whom you will be able to go if you have a more serious condition such as memory loss. Therefore, the greater availability of time for the retiree often affects the relationship with the rest of the family, sometimes because they claim their help, and sometimes because the retiree turns over.