security for the elderly

         the elderly are more likely to suffer accidents or be victims of crime

The third age is not regulated in our society with an exact number of years. We see how the press publishes «60 year old old man dies run over». Obviously, a person at 60 years old is still «whole»; then let’s talk about the older adult, since the transition to old age (with physical changes and noticeable slowness of reflexes) varies according to the country and reality. Although the elderly are more prone to accidents or to be victims of crime, we talk very little about the care and safety that these elderly people should have; However, the segment of the elderly has been growing steadily during the last two decades, and advances in medicine and quality of life will make the figure continue to grow; that is why it is important to work so that your quality of life is better every day.

                                                                          General tips for your safety:

They need to have a reserve in their daily chats, society and isolation makes them prone to talk with strangers and make confessions that nobody cares about, except those who hope to take advantage of a helpless.

b. If you can not read clearly or distinguish a ticket, it is better not to consult with strangers «Do you read me?» or «Do you explain this circular?», they are a temptation for deceit and fraud.

c. Do not go out on the street with valuables that attract attention; always warn where they are going

d. Carry your personal documents duly protected in case of any emergency; as well as the numbers of family members to notify.

and. Always take your medicines.

F. Do not go out at night and even less alone.

g. Avoid unnecessary physical effort especially if you are not used to it.

h. Do not put yourself in the position of victim, if you have doubts, for example in the bank, ask the employees with a firm attitude, and only for clarification.

i. Never reveal personal data, nobody has to know what your economic situation is, if you live alone or accompanied.

j. Except for people of utmost confidence does not have to say that he does not have a family or that he owns some good, «the curious one has to say little, and that little, lie» says the saying.

k. Do not take strangers to your home, or women who swear eternal love, enjoy but keep a criterion of reality and reserve.

l. The family of the elderly hospitalized should be alert about professional scammers who roam the hospitals, make «voluntary or charitable» visits to find out about the family nucleus, assets and possibilities to extract powers to manage their possessions, deprive them of their money or extract information.



m. Sometimes the delinquents also involve the whole family in the scam, appearing at home with money orders for medicines, analysis, etcetera; if the relatives disregard the old man and delegate to anyone their responsibility to take care of it, it is easier for the fraud to take place.

n. There is also a specialist in touring districts and detecting elderly people of good standing, they pass the data to the gang, which can opt for a scam, a robbery or some other form of crime.

or. Alone or living in a family, the elderly can be naive when it comes to believing in deception, like winning lottery tickets, or accessing surveys and reports. On the phone they often give information about their children to supposed friendships that never existed. Elders behave many times as children.

p. If you are a victim of family violence by a relative who «kindly has you in your home,» ask for help from any of the telephone lines that deal with domestic violence or make the report to the police. Living in a place where you are punished is not a favor.

q. If you are retired, try not to just collect, insist on one of your relatives to accompany you, that money that may seem little to some, is very important for the person who charges it.

r. Keep the money in inner pockets of the bag, secure them with buttons, to hinder theft, there are expert marauders to strip retirees of their pension on the day of collection because they are an easy and safe target.

s. Do not for any reason allow the bag to be removed from the boarding house with an excuse so that a jar of paint has been spilled on it.

t. Do not fall easily into the mistake of greed, which leads you to agree to share the findings, such as a wad of bills or a purportedly lost wallet; this method consists of a bundle consisting of two real notes and inside cuts of newspaper, after the first surprise when discovering a deception comes a worse, your money recently cashed in the bank will have disappeared.

or. If you belong to a certain guild and are usually in line with colleagues, agree to go out together and travel in a family car or take some public transportation together.
Finally, it is important to provide support to the elderly, giving them our respect, affection …

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